Duties of the Board of Directors for
Investment Holding Group

Subject to the powers assigned to the General Assembly and stipulated in the company's by-laws, the Board of Directors shall have the widest powers in performing the businesses falling within the purpose of the Company. The Board of Directors may, within its powers, delegate one of its members to conduct a specific task(s) or to supervise one of the company's activities.

The duties and roles of the Board of Directors include, among other matters:

  • Establish the group’s vision, mission and objectives.
  • Establish corporate policy on investment, finance and personnel.
  • Approve the group’s strategies, major investments, joint ventures, asset sales and major expenditures.
  • Overall responsibility of the group’s financial health.
  • Draft corporate governance and risk management frameworks.
  • Approve policies and procedures, business plans, annual budgets, expense controls and approval of limits, delegation of responsibilities.
  • Monitor the Committees’ and the group’s compliance with applicable laws, regulations and guidelines.
  • Establish performance criteria and the retention, compensation and dismissal of executive management.
  • Appoint the executive management team.

The following chart sets out the management structure and internal business divisions at Investment Holding Group as of the date of the prospectus: