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CEO's Message

MR. Samer Wahbeh


Investment Holding Group (IHG) has secured a commanding role in the private sector of Qatar’s national economy as a committed partner in pursuit of the government’s efforts to achieve sustainable social and economic development. This prominent role is fully in harmony with the priorities of Qatar National Vision 2030 for consolidating public-private partnerships. For over 40 years, IHG has operated under a successful economic model, manifested in the management of a range of economic activities across the contracting sector. These include embarking on specialized construction and contracting projects [mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP); as well as project engineering and construction (PEC)], as well as supplying building materials, safety equipment, timber, security, and fire safety installations in addition to other related products. As a holding company, IHG’s core objectives include the management of its subsidiary companies, securing intellectual property rights, copyrights, trademarks, industrial patents, franchises, and other exclusive rights. These exclusive rights can be made available to subsidiaries or other domestic or international companies on a rental basis. In its role as a holding company, IHG also secures ownership of mobile and fixed assets. As part of its strategy, IHG aims to enhance the operations of its subsidiaries through improving efficiency, and guaranteeing compliance to the highest standards of quality and safety. The group has successfully adopted a decentralized approach in engaging with these associated companies, thus, the operations team of each company has considerable administrative power. However, IHG’s board of directors oversees overall performance and compliance with strategic planning. IHG has sought to consolidate its relationship with existing clients through a commitment to addressing their changing requirements. This adherence to the highest standards has attracted the attention of potential clients for engaging future partnerships. The group has maintained a consistent rate of growth in profits and investment returns thanks to its expertise in identifying niche projects with high profit margins, both inside and outside the Qatari market. IHG believes in the value of a motivated workplace for enhancing productivity and furthering the operational team’s professional skills. In order to achieve this goal, advanced training programs develop the productive capacities of staff, reinforce their loyalty to the group, and maximize promotion opportunities. This explains why IHG is top of the list of preferred employers for highly-skilled professionals looking for opportunities to further their expertise and ensure stability of employment. The group is in high demand for participating in new contracts and ongoing projects. However, IHG’s subsidiaries have also amassed a glittering record of achievements, demonstrating consistent completion of projects on schedule, while guaranteeing top quality implementation and boasting the highest standards of services. The IHG brand has come to be associated with trust and reliability in the local construction sector. This competitive advantage has enabled the company to boast a record of strong, strategic partnerships which have enhanced the group’s position as the partner of choice for implementing the biggest new projects and maximizing investment returns.

Duties of the Board of Directors for Investment Holding Group

Subject to the powers assigned to the General Assembly and stipulated in the company's by-laws, the Board of Directors shall have the widest powers in performing the businesses falling within the purpose of the Company. The Board of Directors may, within its powers, delegate one of its members to conduct a specific task(s) or to supervise one of the company's activities.