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Chairman's Message



Investment Holding Group (IHG) has grown into an economic hub, offering the Qatari construction sector technical, mechanical, and industrial solutions which are both comprehensive and specialized. The company continues to play an active role in implementing the principal elements of Qatar National Vision 2030 in the areas of human, social, economic, and environmental development. IHG seeks to consolidate the role of the private sector in the national economy, as a genuine partner for furthering the government’s efforts to promote sustainable social and economic development. This is fully compatible with the priorities of Qatar National Vision 2030 for enhanced partnerships between the public and private sectors. IHG welcomes the substantive support which the government has provided to investors. Likewise, it highly appreciates the directives of His Highness the Emir, to the Cabinet, to streamline all procedures which contribute to the success of the private sector. For over 40 years, IHG has established a dominant presence in the Qatari infrastructure development; becoming a leading player in offering a full spectrum of commercial activities across the field of contracting. Today, IHG seeks to capitalize on its listing as a joint-stock company, whose shares are offered on the Qatar stock exchange. This is a fruitful opportunity to activate plans for developing the company, and enhancing the operations of its subsidiary companies, which have demonstrated commendable levels of financial performance. IHG believes that through continuing to demonstrate a strong track record and impressive financial outcomes, confidence in its shares for potential investors will be reinforced; resulting in increases in their net value. In turn, this will reap reliable investment returns for investors in IHG and its associated companies. IHG is compliant with all regulations governing the performance of companies, as set out in the Listing Regulations of the Qatar Financial Markets Authority (QFMA). IHG’s founders will retain40% of the group’s capital. This will enable IHG to remain in pursuit of its vision, and the strategic approaches which underpin it, as well as the administrative and operational policies which drive its activities. The group’s operations and commercial projects enjoy a plethora of competitive advantages, which have empowered IHG to remain committed to its strategy, and successfully follow its own distinct path. The company’s competitive position in this specialized sector is rooted in the strength of its practical operations, its considerable experience, and the strength of its financial position. The group has succeeded in establishing a diverse customer base, while having a high level of operational flexibility. These attributes have positioned IHG to enjoy a consistent role in the largest construction projects being implemented across the nation, throughout the four decades of its existence.