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Company’s History and Vision
WATERMASTER is a leading company in Water Treatment technology and has committed its resources to the research, development, as well as design of water and waste water treatment systems.

WATERMASTER Qatar was established in 2006 as a joint venture between Watermaster Holding (Lebanon) and Trelco Limited co. to serve the market requirments in Qatar and has rapidly grown to become the market leader, executing a large number of prestigious projects.
WATERMASTER was originally founded in Lebanon in 1981 by company director Mr. Khalil Boueri. The successful track record in the water treatment field reflects -

WATERMASTER’s image today: Water treatment is the specialized field and WATERMASTER is the company that masters it. WATERMASTER has been successfully operating in Qatar since 2006, executing a large number of prestigious projects with an impressive track record.
Treating water is a MISSION, a very noble one. In fact, when we really think about it, we see that water treatment is one of the rare domains, if not the only one, where at any stage, we improve the water quality and in no instance we do harm the environment. The future for the water treatment industry is bright.

Contact Us

Tel : +974 444 2494/ 96
Fax : +974 437 5923
Email: watermasterqatar@gmail.com
Website: www.watermaster.com.lb

Mission And Goal
We shall pursue our keen endeavors to reach the ideal solutions for water problems with the least initial investment and operating costs. Since its inception, WATERMASTER has always dedicated its efforts to acquiring the latest technologies in water treatment. Our leadership in the water treatment field is based on innovative engineering concepts, solid scientific knowledge of water pollutants and chemistry, and best practices industry solutions that provide the optimal health and ecological results in the most cost-effective manner.
At the heart of this growth has been the expansion of our team of experts. Our technical expertise runs the gamut of engineering specialties needed in the cross-disciplinary field of water treatment: environmental, chemical, electromechanical, agricultural, civil and electronics engineering. Our maintenance department provides the after-sales support and maintenance

that is needed to keep our systems running smoothly around the clock.

Spectrum of Activities
WATERMASTER specializes in potable, domestic, industrial, recreational and waste water treatment projects offering expertise in the design, manufacturing, installation, operation and maintenance of treatment plants and ancillary water systems based on industry best practices. We also undertake joint venture projects with companies interested in establishing engineering, contracting or manufacturing operations in Middle Eastern countries. We are actively engaged in representing American and European water treatment manufacturing firms in Qatar, Lebanon and our neighboring countries.