Executive Management

The following individuals comprise the key principals members of the group’s executive management team:

Mr. Wael Mousa Shtayyeh

Group CEO

Mr. Wael Wael Mousa Shtayyeh has been Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Investment Holding Group since 2008. Mr. Shtayyeh has led the group’s transformative growth over the past eight years, investing heavily in developing the group’s capabilities and expertise. Mr. Shtayyeh has also served as Trelco Group Managing Director since 1989. he holds a bachelor degree in chemical engineering from Middle East Technical University – Ankara.

Mr.Mohamad Bin Ghanim Al Hodaifi

Group Deputy CEO

Mr. Mohamad Bin Ghanim Al Hodaifi is the Deputy CEO of IHG. He specializes in maintaining productivity and providing constructive motivation through positive leadership. His experience in management, day-to-day operations, handling and maintaining relationships with the various Government institutions are instrumental. His assignments spanned from Immigration & Customs to Airport, Seaport and Border control. Mr. Al Hodaifi is on the board of IHG. He holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration – AMR University in Cairo.

Mr. Banan Serhan

Group CFO

Mr. Banan Serhan is the Chief Financial Officer of the Investment Holding Group; responsible for financial operations, acquisitions, and directing the finance and accounting departments for each of the company’s subsidiaries. Mr. Serhan has over 15 years’ experience ranging from advising clients on transactions: to leading the financial strategy of companies in the Middle East, Mr. Sarhan will continue to lead the group’s financial strategy. He holds a bachelor degree in accounting from Yarmouk University in Jordan.

Investment Holding Group and its subsidiaries have an executive management team of qualified and experienced professionals, led by:

  • Group Chief Executive Officer; responsible for the overall running of the group;
  • Group Chief Financial Officer; responsible for the Group’s financial strategy and affairs.

The below chart illustrates the Investment Holding Group executive management team’s structure: